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Story Maps on eNet Learning

Story Maps on eNet Learning If you are interested in exploring, along with fellow educators, how to use and build multimedia maps to teach core science and geography themes (population change, plate tectonics, water resources, ecoregions, energy, natural hazards, oceans, […]

My Passion For Geography

My Passion For Geography “The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it’s […]

March Madness and Geography

March Madness and Geography March Madness… For most teachers this refers to the struggle to “keep it together” until spring break. For the rest of the nation, however, this is the month everyone seems to be a basketball fan. The […]

New Scholarship Opportunity Available

Scholarship Opportunity Available Dear High School Administrators, School Counselors and Faculty, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Program Coordinator for the Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice & Public Understanding at St. Norbert College. Part of our […]

Bioblitz 2016

Bioblitz 2016 Blog Post

Musical Five Themes

Musical Five Themes The Five Themes of Geography are a long-used method for helping students study geography. Since the 1990’s the Six Essential Elements of Geography have replaced the Five Themes with high school-aged students. With students middle school ages […]

Landing in the Middle: Balancing Content and Skills

Landing in the Middle: Balancing Content and Skills You know, I taught Geography for 5 years.  It was a required 9th grade course, and I absolutely hated teaching it, because the way we had it set up, it was totally […]

NCSS In Review

  If you have never attended the National Council for the Social Studies, put it on your bucket list! This past November I was able to travel to New Orleans for four days of quality professional development and collaborate with […]

Starbucks Mug Lesson Plan

During Geofest 2014 participants were presented with a challenge question: How could you use a set of Starbucks mugs from different countries in a geography-infused lesson? Participants submitted their ideas and the winner received a Starbucks gift card. The prompt and […]

Skifton Travels to T3G

Greetings everyone! This is Ben Skifton, webpage coordinator and member of the WIGA Steering Committee. I recently traveled to the Esri Headquarters in Redlands, CA to attend their T3G Institute and wanted to share some of my experience with you! […]

CESA 5 Globalization Presentation

Below is an update from Mark Bockenhauer, Wisconsin Geographic Alliance coordinator. I presented to a wonderful group at CESA 5 in Portage on May 6 on several topics, including the globalization slides here – “foodie” ingredients of the Columbian Exchange […]

2015 Wisconsin National Geographic State Bee

Announcing your 2015 Wisconsin State Gee Bee winner!

Badger Basketball is Back

Badger Basketball Geography is back for 2015!

A Well Stocked Library

I am sitting here writing my lesson plans for this coming week, considering all the ways that I can infuse common core literacy standards into my students’ lessons. I feel more capable in doing this than I did say two […]