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Lauren’s Lessons – Starting Them Off Right

Starting Them Off Right I loved teaching Middle School Social Studies … but since my retirement, I’ve had a special interest in working with younger students. This is certainly a direct result of being “Mimi” to seven grandchildren … (ages […]

Lauren’s Lessons – Stereotypes, Dignity and Voice

Stereotypes, Dignity and Voice I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss lesson planning.  You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher, I guess! Though I am enjoying my […]

Lauren’s Lessons – Car Wash

Geography Lesson starts at the Car Wash Spend time with high school students and the conversation will quickly move to cars. Saving for a car, choosing a car, getting a license, taking the permit test, insurance …. having a car […]

Lauren’s Lessons: Bonus Resource!

Time Traveler Map Stop the presses!!!!!  ( Do people still say that?)  I  had almost completed my  next lesson for this blog when I came across the most amazing map.  I knew I had to postpone my current  project “Geography […]

Lauren’s Lessons – Image Interpretation

Developing a Vocabulary for Image Interpretation: Using the seven interpretive elements to analyze pictures of the Earth Looking for a great way to begin each class this fall? I suggest Daily Overview, a website dedicated to posting an image each day […]

Lauren’s Lessons – Wisconsin Sea Serpents

Wisconsin Sea Serpents Sometimes you discover an unexpected treasure. I wanted to build a geography lesson around Wisconsin folktales, and stumbled on a series of pamphlets by Charles Edward Brown, (1872-1946), curator of the Museum of the State Historical Society […]

Lauren’s Lessons – Emil’s Journal

Emil’s Journal This is my favorite lesson! Imagine that your students discover a personal journal that belonged to a soldier during World War II. This tiny address book includes the names of people he met, and a detailed list of […]

Lauren's Lessons – Lego Geography

Lego Geography? I am the grandmother of six, with one more due in July, and I can tell you that Legos are a part of my life. I find them in my laundry, they decorate our books shelves, and I […]

Lauren’s Lessons – Teaching Location

Lauren's Lessons - Teaching Location