Giant Traveling Map Tours

In 2007, National Geographic first offered rentals of their Giant Traveling Maps of continents. These maps are really giant maps, averaging about 25 feet by 35 feet in size. WIGA decided to “tour” one or more of the maps for several weeks each year with a Map Ambassador (retired WIGA master teacher Bonnie Kieffer) going school to school (usually for a day in each school) and sharing the geography of that continent with lucky students, teachers, parents and community members.

It’s been a huge hit ever since and WIGA has been proud to offer these learning opportunities. Over the past eight springs, WIGA has rented and toured a total of twelve of the maps (Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe have each been chosen multiple times, and South America was toured in 2015).

The interactive map below highlights the Giant Traveling Map destinations and also estimates how many students got to experience the map. Click the + and – buttons on the left side to zoom on the map. You can also click the arrows on the top left to view the map legend.

See the map of the most recent map tour of Africa!