Geography Awareness Week Scoreboard

In 2015 over 600 students participated in the first annual Wisconsin Geographic Alliance Geography Awareness Week Trivia Contest. Each day students answered 10 trivia questions related to the Five Themes of Geography and competed for the best cumulative score for the week.

During Geography Awareness Week, the scoreboard is updated after each day* to be sure to check back for the latest results! Congratulations to all our students who make it to the scoreboard! After Geography Awareness Week the scoreboard is updated to show all time results.

Prizes will be given to the top 5 students! The top five students in each division will receive a gift card from Prizes are: 1st ($30), 2nd ($25), 3rd ($20), 4th ($15) and 5th ($10).

*scores will be updated after 4pm

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All-Time Leaderboard (High School)
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All-Time Leaderboard (Middle School)
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2016 High School Results
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2016 Middle School Results
[table id=3 /]
2015 High School Results
[table id=4 /]
2015 Middle School Results
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