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Billy’s Blog – Naked Hippies on Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast

Naked Hippies on Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast So back to finish off Hawaii. The Na Pali Coast is truly a world wonder, with Kalalau Beach being the gem. This is coming from a guy who has spent a lot of time […]

Billy’s Blog – Hitchhiking With Rodger

Hitchhiking With Rodger   I know, I know – hitchhiking is dangerous and you shouldn’t do it. Blah, Blah, Blah. I am not sitting here condoning hitchhiking; however, I have done it in many places and several countries and yet […]

Billy’s Blog – Kauai The Hidden Gem

Kauai – The Hidden Gem “Come to Oahu” they say. “Go to Maui” they say. For some reason most people forget about Kauai but maybe that’s what makes it stay so great. Perhaps it’s the lack of throngs of people […]

Billy’s Blog – Ridin the Hot Spot

Hawaii’s Geology: Ridin’ the Hot Spot! Boiling hot lava bursts through the crust of the earth and begins a new world, ecosystem, and provides a place for a new culture and lifestyle to form. Welcome to the formation of the […]

Billy’s Blog – Living In A Van

Living in a Van down by the River Alright, so we will get the classic Saturday Night Live joke out of the way. Yes, I was living in a van down by the river!!! So now that that is out […]

Billy’s Blog – The Lifeline to Southeast Alaska

The Lifeline to Southeast Alaska. As my Buddy Brendan – “a Southeast Alaskan Born and raised” put it, in places like Juneau, Alaska, there are only three ways in: “plane, boat, birth canal.”  As I discussed in past blogs, Juneau […]

Billy’s Blog – Humble Hawaii Beginnings

Humble Hawaii Beginnings My past blogs have focused on Alaska and all the glory its natural wilderness has to offer. Now however, we hop across half the Pacific Ocean to a whole new way of life—and a much different climate. […]

Billy’s Blog – Alaska: The Psychological Destroyer

Alaska: The Psychological Destroyer Wait? Its 8pm and yet we’re just leaving for a hike because there are still 4 hours of daylight left in the day. Welcome to summers in Alaska. Where trying to sleep in is almost impossible […]

Billy’s Blog – Shaping the World, the Slow Way

Shaping the World, the Slow Way A frozen wasteland where it seems to always be snowing, the wind never stops, and there are crevasses every few yards for you to fall to your death. Welcome to the Juneau Ice Field […]

Billy’s Blog – You Don’t Know What Rain Is

You Don’t Know What Rain Is Alaska: the frozen tundra, the land of polar bears, dog sledding, and oil yards. Just kidding, that only makes up about a third of the state. The number one thing people don’t think about […]

Billy’s Blog – The First Edition

I hear it all the time. “I could never do that. That sounds amazing, but I can’t do it because of (insert reason 1-1000)”. My name is William Langford but everyone calls me Billy. I come from southeastern Wisconsin in […]