AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography is alive and well in Wisconsin! Last year 53 schools had students who took the AP Human Geography exam-totalling 1,159 students. This number has grown substaintially over the past few years and is part of a similar national trend. In May of 2013 114,000 exams were scored, with the number growing to 137,000 in 2014.

AP Human Geography continues to experience tremendous growth annually which can be attributed to two major factors: more schools allowing 9th graders to take the course (in addition to upperclassmen) as well as the overall relevance of the course. The course curriculum is highly relatable as it ties to many current events worldwide on a daily basis–giving it greater meaning for students.

Students taking AP Human Geography learn more about people, places and cultures.  They are constantly engaged in critical thinking and map work, answering questions such as “Why did that happen THERE?” and “How does what happened there impact me?”  Scale is an important feature of the course as such questions are examined by students as we learn WHERE events and ideas occur.  Students are engaged in examining relationships and patterns of where things occurred and how those patterns and relationships in our world are changing over time.

We are excited to have even more parents, teachers and students get onboard with AP Human Geography!

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