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Mascot Mania – April 2017

Mascot Mania – April Horicon “Marshmen” (WI) – At 32,000 acres, Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. Divided into the Horicon Marsh State Wildlife area and the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, the marsh serves […]

Mascot Mania – March

Mascot Mania – March Oostburg “Flying Dutchmen” (WI) – Settled by Dutch immigrants, the town is named for a city in the Netherlands. Oostburg still has many reminders of its early settlers, including miniature windmills and tulip gardens.     […]

Mascot Mania – February

Mascot Mania – February Pulaski “Red Raiders” (WI) – The village of Pulaski was named after Count Casimir Pulaski, a native of Poland who fought with General George Washington during the Revolutionary War and became known as the Father of […]

Mascot Mania – January

Mascot Mania – January Shullsburg “Miners” (WI) – Wisconsin’s third oldest community, Shullsburg is named for Jesse Shull who settled there in 1818 while working as a fur trader for John Jacob Astor. Upon hearing of ore, prospectors arrived in […]

Mascot Mania – December 2016

Mascot Mania – December 2016 Kimberly “Papermakers” (WI) – The Village of Kimberly grew around the Kimberly Mill, built in 1889 by the Kimberly Clark Corporation to make newsprint. By the 1920’s the mill began making coated paper and was […]

Mascot Mania – November

Mascot Mania – November Monroe “Cheesemakers” (WI) – Named for president James Monroe, the city grew rapidly in the second half of the 1800’s thanks in part to immigrants from Switzerland. The Swiss brought their knowledge of dairy farming to […]

Mascot Mania – October

Mascot Mania – October Milwaukee Pius XI “Popes” (WI) – Pius XI High School was founded in 1929, the same year that Vatican City became an independent state, and was named for Pius XI who was Pope at the time. […]

Mascot Mania – September

Mascot Mania – September   Bayfield, WI “TROLLERS” – Overlooking the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior, Bayfield is a community with a long history of fishing, both commercially and for sport. Trolling refers to fishing with lines rigged to a […]

Mascot Mania – May

Mascot Mania – May 1. Washburn “Castle Guards” (WI) – The old Walker High School, built of Lake Superior Brownstone, had the look of a medieval castle. Built in 1893, the building was destroyed by a fire in 1947 despite […]

Mascot Mania – April

Mascot Mania – April Manitowoc “Ships” (WI) – A community where ship-building is a tradition and the home of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Submarines, landing craft, and tankers were built here during WWII. One sub, the USS Cobia, is on […]

Mascot Mania – March

Mascot Mania – March Clintonville, WI “Truckers” – The original Four Wheel Drive Auto Company was founded here in 1909. The town is now the home of the US Seagrave Fire Apparatus Plant, which produces fire trucks; including several that […]

Moscot Mania – February

Alma, WI “Rivermen” –  This historic river town is located on the Mississippi River and contains more than 200 buildings that were included in the 1982 designation as a National Historic District. Early logging operations at Beef Slough were some […]

Mascot Mania – January

Butternut, WI “Midgets” – Charles “Midget” Fischer, a native of Butternut, was a world champion wrestler in the 1920’s. Standing just 5’3″ and weighing 158 pounds, he was the first to be top-ranked in both the middle and light-heavyweight classes. […]

Mascot Mania – December

Eau Claire Memorial, Wisconsin- “OLD ABES”: An eagle captured near Eau Claire just prior to the Civil War, Old Abe became the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin. He screeched and flapped his wings at 42 battles and skirmishes, mainly in […]

Mascot Mania – November

Ashland Oredockers (Wisconsin) – Millions of tons of iron ore were shipped from the five ore docks which extended from Ashland’s shore line into Lake Superior. The largest was more than 1/2 mile in length and was the largest man-made […]

Mascot Mania – October

Mascot Mania RHINELANDER, WI “HODAGS” – A prehistoric monster that roamed the forests of Northern Wisconsin. The last one was captured “alive” by Eugene Shepard in 1896 who exhibited it in a darkened tent at fairs in the region. Moved […]

Macost Mania – First Edition

MASCOT MANIA The geographic theme of PLACE describes natural aspects, human characteristics, and the meanings, feelings, and emotions associated with a particular area. This theme is often expressed through high school mascots, many of which are based on local history, […]