Mascot Mania – April

Horicon “Marshmen” (WI) – At 32,000 acres, Horicon Marsh is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the United States. Divided into the Horicon Marsh State Wildlife area and the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, the marsh serves as a nesting area for waterfowl as well as a resting area for migratory birds.




Kingsford “Flivvers” (MI) – In the 1920’s Henry Ford established a sawmill and parts plant in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to produce wooden components for his automobiles. He entrusted Edward G. Kingsford, the husband of his cousin, to spearhead the project. By 1925 the facility employed 7,500 workers. Waste wood from the plant was used in a variety of ways, including the making of charcoal which gave rise to what became known as Kingsford Charcoal Briquettes. During World War II the plant produced gliders for the military. “Flivver” is the nickname given to a Model T Ford from the early 1900’s.