For those sports-minded students in my APHG classroom this always gets their attention. There are many ways to introduce ESPN charts into your classroom. Some use these charts to introduce students to new concepts or regions and others use them as a reading technique to get students to analyze the gist of an article or journal they are reading in class. I tend to use it as we are going through our initial units during the first semester – primarily because some students need practice in analyzing data, readings, graphs, charts, etc.

What is an ESPN chart?  An ESPN chart is designed to analyze the economic, social, political and environmental perspectives of a country, continent, or region and then compare that to another, similar area.  My students tend to compare these characteristics to their own region.

I like to give students the ability to practice using the ESPN chart by first explaining to all of them what they should be looking for when analyzing a region. I have included a chart (created by Matt Ortloff of Greenfield HS) that is used in class.

After that, we usually analyze a variety of materials throughout the year. I use video clips, newspaper articles, as bell ringer activities leading into lessons. It will take time for students to get comfortable in applying the concepts but I have found that it definitely helps students remember concepts studied in class. The ESPN activity also allows students to critically think about the region or concept we are studying in class.

ESPN Chart Example (Word Doc)

ESPN Chart What to Look For