Immigration and the Political Campaign

One of the reasons I love teaching AP Human Geography is because of the ties to current events and relevance of the material. The Presidential Election provides a nice opportunity for students to see the curriculum outside of the classroom. Immigration is a “hot topic” in this election and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have plenty to say specifically with regard to immigration from Mexico and from Southwest Asia. Many students receive their information from their parents or the media rather than gathering information and thinking on their own. Let’s try and have students critically think and engage in the immigration debate by researching the candidates’ views and proposed policies. Additionally, it is important to address the stereotypes and phobias that exist about certain ethnicities in our society. An important first step is acknowledging that the stereotypes exist, examine what is being said, and then to research the existing dialogue to uncover and decipher between myths or facts. Our students as well as ourselves are so used to hearing the dominant narrative, that it is important to teach them it is okay to challenge what they hear from various sources.

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